“DMS and our Customer Service Representative come through for us.  When our CSR left a few years ago I knew that our new representative had big shoes to fill and she has more than filled them.  She is a personable and caring person.  She and I often talk about the drugs, what’s being treated, and the type of patient that it’s being used for.  She has been there time and time again, going above and beyond for our patients.  She looks at them as being her patients too, not just a PO number.  I can say with confidence that through her efforts our Customer Service Representative has saved numerous lives.  It’s been a pleasure working with her.  I wish that I could meet her someday and just chat over a cup of coffee instead of business!”.  -- US Eastern Medical Facility

“I have worked with our DMS Customer Service Representative for many years; she is very pleasant to work with. She is also willing to help me out when needed. She is always very pleasant when working with her. She has great follow up. She is very understanding”. --Chicagoland Hospital

“I can just say the support from DMS, or from our Customer Service Representative, is awesome! I cannot complain about a thing. I am happy to work with so very competent, friendly and helpful person”. -- Overseas Medical Facility

“Our Customer Service Representative spends her time focusing on solutions and getting our supply problems solved. She is quick and efficient, and is always helpful”. -- Midwestern Region Medical Facility

“Our Customer Service Representative has been an absolute Gem to work with and I hope to continue working with her as long as I am here!”. -- East Coast Region Medical Facility